Dominik Straub


I’m a PhD student in the Psychology of Information Processing group at the Centre for Cognitive Science, TU Darmstadt.

I am interested in probabilistic models of perception and action. While classical psychophysical experiments have largely focused on simple forced-choice decision-making using independent trials, there is a recent trend towards more naturalistic sequential tasks. To understand the uncertainties, intrinsic costs of behavior, and subjective internal models involved in these tasks, I use computational modeling techniques including inverse optimal control and Bayesian inference.

I am into books, movies, and cooking.


Sep 29, 2022 My paper with Constantin Rothkopf ‘Putting perception into action with inverse optimal control for continuous psychophysics’ has been published in eLife!
Jun 30, 2022 Our keynote & tutorial ‘Putting perception into action: Inverse optimal control for continuous psychophysics’ has been accepted to the 2022 Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN).
Feb 23, 2022 I will be receiving a John I. Yellott Travel Award at the 2022 meeting of the Vision Sciences Society.
Jan 28, 2022 I am participating in COSYNE with a poster: Dominik Straub, Matthias Schultheis, Constantin Rothkopf: Inferring implicit sensorimotor costs by inverse optimal control with signal dependent noise
Sep 28, 2021 New paper accepted at the 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS): Matthias Schultheis, Dominik Straub, Constantin A. Rothkopf: Inverse Optimal Control Adapted to the Noise Characteristics of the Human Sensorimotor System

selected publications [view all]

  1. Putting perception into action with inverse optimal control for continuous psychophysics
    Dominik Straub, and Constantin A Rothkopf
    eLife Sep 2022
  2. Inverse optimal control adapted to the noise characteristics of the human sensorimotor system
    Matthias Schultheis*Dominik Straub*, and Constantin A Rothkopf
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Sep 2021
  3. Looking for image statistics: active vision with avatars in a naturalistic virtual environment
    Dominik Straub, and Constantin A Rothkopf
    Frontiers in psychology Sep 2021